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The Gary & Robert Blues’ was a funny, angry and poignant story of one man using his creation of a new stand-up comedy act to find a path through his confused and damaged mind; and reconnect with the world. Trying to understand his own muddled thinking he looks at the irrational way in which society reacts to mental health issues. Inter cut with a blues music soundtrack, the powerful show was a mix of theatre and stand-up. This was the first in a trilogy of plays we are planning tackling different aspects of mental health.

Gary & Robert Blues Comments

  1. This is supremely well written play, brilliantly acted, which works on two levels. It is a great piece of theatre - riveting but also very humourous. But it is also insightful on men's mental health issues - one comes away being much more aware on what is a growing social issue. Would unhesitatingly reccommend it to all.

    (Posted on 2015-10-12 14:07:00 by Tony)
  2. Go and see it.
    This play was brilliant. A great way to get people talking about mental helath issues. Hard hitting yet humerous in a sensitive way, really tackling some of the common difficulties that are hiden from public view, but that so desparately need to be 'out there' to acknowledge the struggles people, and men in particular are trying to cope with.
    Well done Andy, great script, and very well performed by Stephen.
    Like I said, Go see it!! It may help you spot the struggles of someone close to you that is crying out for help and support.

    (Posted on 2015-10-12 11:01:00 by Tracy Murphy)
  3. An early stage of any resolution is tp clearly acknowledge the problem. This play raises awareness of mental ill health in men and is a spur for it to be a topic of wider conversation. The fact that it achices this in an entertaining way, is credit to Andy the writer and Stephan the one-man cast. Well done both, and well done those behind the scenes too. I particularly liked that the play was direct but not harsh, that it laid out the feelings of the character but stepped back from presenting any answer. This play offers a means to take the stigma of mental ill health in men out of it's secret world and into normal conversation, and ought to be seen by many.

    (Posted on 2015-10-12 07:48:00 by neal murphy)
  4. The Gary & Robert Blues was excellent. Educational, emotional and very human. We accompanied Stefan on a meaningful journey as his character went from what felt like an engaging tutor to a person whose world we had stepped into as he expressed anger and stared into the blackness. We shared the character's journey as he stripped away the 'happy, coping' face that he presented to the world, and walked with him in his despair. Thought-provoking, myth-busting and highly recommended viewing.

    (Posted on 2015-10-11 20:42:00 by Laura Hughes)
  5. This engaging and thought provoking play explores the issues surrounding mental health problems in a sensitive yet challenging way.
    At times funny, at others painfully poignant, the play not only entertains but also educates and informs it's audience, In addition the talented and charismatic actor gives a wonderfully empathetic portrayal of a man living in increasing social isolation.

    (Posted on 2015-10-14 22:47:00 by Jeannie Duffy)
  6. This was a well written and clearly well researched play with many layers and different aspects of mental health covered, some in a subtle way and some more confrontational. I appreciate the amount of work and honesty that went in to bringing it to the public arena this is not an easy subject matter to make funny and accessible. The more people that see this the more chance they will relate to it and in turn begin to talk about some of the issues, perhaps in different ways just like the play. Credit must be given to the actor and writer who evidently put a part of themselves into this performance which showed in both the script and acting.

    (Posted on 2015-10-14 17:27:00 by Neil)
  7. Congratulations on being brave enough to tackle such a big and sometimes well hidden issue. Enjoyed the show, I thought it was well acted thought provoking and I would definately watch other perfomances by the actor or the theatre company.

    (Posted on 2015-10-13 15:52:00 by Jay Jarvis)
  8. This excellent piece touched on some personal issues for me, both as having had depression and cared for family members with depression and anxiety. What I loved about it was that it felt like a really intimate experience, hearing someones inner thoughts as well as how they expressed them to others. It was a really sensitive portrayal and showed great understanding of the isolation and fear, without becoming depressing in itself. I look forward to the show coming back to Malvern so that I can bring along members of the mental health carers group I belong to. Thank you Forthright for shining a light on something usually kept in the shadows.

    (Posted on 2015-11-30 13:59:00 by Sue Davidson)
  9. Excellant production with strong and humorous messages. Stefan,lived the role so well written by Andy Higgitt Thank you all

    (Posted on 2015-10-10 23:26:00 by Pat)
  10. A powerfully written and wonderfully performed piece of theatre that communicates many of the realities of living with depression. The careful way humour and pathos were used to help illustrate the daily struggles helped shape a charater and performance that was both believable and also very much relatable. The potential is there for this show to help open a dialogue about mental health but also functions as an engaging piece of theatre in its own right.

    (Posted on 2016-01-04 18:47:00 by James Lang)
  11. The Play The Gary and Robert Blues, which i attended Saturday the 10th of October at Redditch Palace Theatre, was very emotive and made a huge impact on me its use of comedy to get the point home was also very effective i advice people to go along to watch this play because it really gets the theme of mental health issues across.

    (Posted on 2015-10-12 16:01:00 by Natalie Brookes)
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